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Born in Miami, FL, Haydee is the older of two daughters raised by a single mother. She credits her Cuban grandmother, Haydee L. Varona, a savvy businesswoman after whom she was named, with inspiring her to embark on this journey to empower other women to find their own success in business.


Betsy, who describes herself as a bilingual feminist who believes in gender equality, earned her bachelor’s degree in psychology and business before founding Hello BetsyAnn, a virtual assistant company based in South Florida that provides services all around the world. She partnered with Haydee to do one of the things she loves the most - helping passionate entrepreneurs keep up with the growth of their business.


Betsy shares, “I believe in gender equality, but I’m still focused on projects tailored to empower women because, even though we have come a long way to resist the male patriarchy, the current situation in our society proves we still have much further to go.”